We Stand United to Deliver Change!

The March for Life is organised by the Pro Life Campaign to promote the pro-life perspective in public life and to highlight the devastating impact of Ireland’s abortion regime.
The realities of abortion in Ireland must urgently be addressed.

In the first four years since the introduction of legal abortion, we’ve seen approximately 28,500 abortions carried out in Ireland. In 2022, there were 8,500 abortions in Ireland, the highest number on record yet.

The government has tried to ignore the pro-life perspective, particularly with regards to the three-year review. Instead of using the review as an opportunity to have a fair hearing and examination into the impact of Ireland’s abortion law, the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has only met with pro-abortion activists. He has even appointed biased researchers to head up strands of the review, despite an obvious conflict of interest.

The government has utterly failed to provide women in unplanned pregnancies with supports and information on alternatives to abortion. This has caused many vulnerable women in unplanned pregnancies to feel they have no choice but to have an abortion. The HSE MyOptions hotline is not fit for purpose and has become simply an express track to getting an abortion, with counsellors unequipped to provide any meaningful information on available supports.

In light of the hollowness of the Yes campaign’s 2018 promises on what a post-repeal Ireland would look like, we urgently need a new debate on the realities of Ireland’s abortion regime. Now more than ever, the pro-life perspective needs to be heard in the public square.

The March for Life sends a message to our political and media class that pro-life citizens will not allow their voices to be ignored.

Please make every effort to attend the March for Life on Bank Holiday Monday, 6th May, at 2:00pm at St Stephen’s Green, Dublin.