We Stand United to Deliver Change!

March for Life Ireland is organises pro-life marches in Ireland to bring the truth about Ireland’s new abortion law to the public and to demand that resources are put in place to support and inform women about positive alternatives to abortion.

The silence surrounding the devastating impact of Ireland’s new abortion law has to end. 

In the first two years since the law took effect, 13,243 legal abortions were performed. It represents a 70+% increase in abortions in just two years, a far cry from what the government promised. 

The fast-track system for accessing abortions that now exists leaves little room for women contemplating abortion to be informed about other options.

Also, women who regret their abortions and healthcare workers who are being pressured to assist in abortions are counting on us to stand in solidarity with them.

The pro-life movement represents 1 in 3 voters (34% of the electorate)* on abortions. It’s utterly untenable the way the Government excludes pro-life representatives from the decision making process.

It’s time to raise our voices loudly and persistently to bring about change.

Help ensure the march in Dublin is a huge success! Please make every effort to be present and encourage family and friends to do likewise.

*Based on results of 2018 abortion referendum